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How can a Home Staging Company in Ajax help realtors and home sellers?

As a Home Staging Company in Ajax, Simply WOW Interiors emphasizes deep cleaning, painting dull walls, and repairing broken items. Although the cost of repairing the home might be cheap, the repairs would increase the property value. Highlighting the kitchen or the bathroom will add sophistication to your home, which is an attribute some clients look for in a home. Your home will get offers higher than the asking price, as staging boosts the offers by about 5%. Although this percentage might seem small, it means more money in your pocket.

Why Hire Simply WOW Interiors?

There are several benefits of Hiring us as your Home Staging Company in Ajax. Some of which include:

The first impression matters 

All your clients should get a positive first impression when they walk into the house, and you can achieve a good impression with home staging services by Simply Wow interiors. Your house should have the proper packaging which meets the buyers needs. We always recommend a little freshen up to the house like, painting the walls a neutral colour, update lighting to brighten up the home. 

Our Home staging company in Ajax makes the house functional; the first impression will last a longtime. a buyer might go ahead to buy your property.

Home staging sets up the appeal

Not all clients live in a pristine home as dirt is part of life; however, staging a home makes it appear luxurious, clean, and comfortable. The buyers will think their homes will look clean all the time if they buy your home. With Simply Wow Interiors we accessorize the home and place the furniture to maximize space.

Helps in-person and online viewing

More than ever, most people search for their houses through different online platforms, and you would want your house to stay on top of the competition. Simply Wow Interiors Home staging company in Ajax will ensure the house looks beautiful, inviting profile clicks.

Home staging makes it easy to envision life in the new home

When Simply Wow Interiors stages your home, we make the arrangement based on you needs; everyone loves their home differently. During our home staging services in Ajax we consider each client’s needs and make it easy for the client to envision their home. Our staging highlights the house’s main features and emphasize what the client loves. For instance, if the client loves the deck, we will stack up the leisure space to suit their needs.

Get higher offers

Your house will seek offers with appropriate home staging services; when the potential buyer has a positive attitude towards the house, they are willing to pay more. Buyers will see the home as more valuable than it leads to higher offers.

” Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”
– Plato

Hire a Home staging Company in Ajax?

Selling a home is a difficult task due to the competition in real estate; you will need the right marketing skills, which makes your house stand above the competition.  Hire Simply Wow Interiors in Ajax, as we know what works for different clients. We communicate with a client and provide a customized staged house. Staging the house involves arranging the furniture, décorepainting, and cleaning the house to increase its property value.

Simply Wow Interiors will create a beautiful Wow Factor that when potential buyers will look at the house photos they will decide if they can visit and buy the property.

As a Home staging company, we service the cities of Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Courtice and Bowmanville.
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home staging company in ajax

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